Michael Mack's Picks II

Camplin Peacoat, Armstrong & Wilson + Vicomte A – Michael Macko’s Picks II

The second part (find part I here) of our MRket Michael Macko’s Picks focuses on Camplin Peacoats from Italy, Armstrong & Wilson pocket squares and rubber beach loafers(!) from Vicomte A.

Camplin Peacoat

Closing the Collar of a Camplin Peacoat

Closing the Collar of a Camplin Peacoat

Camplin Peacoat from Italy

Camplin Peacoat from Italy

 Camplin was originally based in Britain and has been making peacoats since the 19th century, but now they are based in Italy. This double breasted classic comes in various editions and fabrics, including wool with detachable liner in a contrasting color, lightweight cotton or weatherproof polyester. These editions occupy so little space that they can be easily stowed for travel. The Camplin signature detail is certainly the cordage which is not only decorative, but it also serves to close the top buttons, as seen above. Personally, I have an original US Navy peacoat from 1950, and I have found it to be a rather versatile coat in addition to being a classic. That being said, the Camplin peacoats are certainly lighter in weight, but seem overall good options for fans of classic menswear who like a splash of color.


Armstrong & Wilson

Armstrong & Wilson had a playful array of pocket squares on display; unfortunately, ties were not produced in time for the convention.The squares are rather colorful and feature the same machine-made edge treatment as the Edward Armah pocket rounds. However, these are square and feature a decorative button with a buttonhole.

Vicomte A

Vicomte A. Rubber Loafer for the Beach - The Flip Flop Alternative

Vicomte A. Rubber Loafer for the Beach – The Flip Flop Alternative

Vicomte A Salmon Colored Sweater

Vicomte A Salmon Colored Sweater

Vicomte A presented a number of colorful sweaters and polos, including one they produced for the Brazilian Olympic Polo Team. Despite the fact that Vicomte A is French, no discussions about patriotism have emerged in Brazil yet, unlike the controversy about the Ralph Lauren uniforms for the Olympic team.

In addition, Vicomte A has a rubber slipper that seems to be a perfectly stylish alternative to the flip flop at the beach. It reminded me a bit of the Norwegian company Swims, that also offers all kinds of rubber footwear.


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