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Spring Details in Men’s Clothing

Continuing our series about spring fashions in the 30s, today we will focus on a few details instead of the whole picture. The illustrations are taken from Apparel arts magazine 1934 and describe the fashion trends for spring 1935. Read more

Spring Suits 1939

Spring Suits Extraordinaire

Today, we will continue with the third part of our Spring Outfit series. Part 1 focused on the details of the Paddock Suit, and in part 2 we analyzed the Navy Blue Spring Suit. This time we want to present you a couple of suits that are a bit more extraordinary. Read more

Drakes London

Drakes Ties – An Interview

Walking down Old Street in Clerkenwell, East London you’re equally likely to run into neon-clad hipsters as pinstripe-wearing city gentlemen.  To say the area is one of the most vibrant in London is an understatement.  But 30 years ago, before most people even knew where Clerkenwell was, Michael Drake snatched up an old brewing facility and an adjoining townhouse to house Drakes of LondonRead more