How To Tie A Tie With A Dimple

How To Tie A Tie With A Dimple

Whenever I attend events where people wear neckties, I usually encounter a number of men who don’t really seem to know how to properly tie a tie. The knot is loose and flat and even looks a bit sloppy.

In this post, I will show you how you can create an elegant looking tie knot every time, with any knot in seconds: Introducing the Tie Dimple! Read more

8 Secrets to the Perfect Summer Coat

8 Secrets Of A Great Summer Sport Coat

As it gets warmer, men begin the annual transition from heavy to lightweight clothing to beat the heat. However, lightweight clothing alone isn’t enough to keep you cool – beyond the actual weight, the material and the weave also matter. In this article, we will discuss the importance of finding the right kind of lightweight summer sport coat, why you should wear them and what to pay attention to during the buying process, using Gagliardi as an exampleRead more

Great Watches under $100

The Inexpensive Watch Guide

Let’s face facts. Not everyone can afford a $50,000 watch. Not everyone can afford a $10,000 watch. Not everyone can afford a $200 watch. That’s why, at Gentleman’s Gazette, we do our best to talk about products at various price points,
rather than just focusing on the most expensive products on the market because we believe that style should not depend on how much money you have in the bank.

Read more

Vintage Mens Fashion Ads

Vintage Men’s Fashion Ads & What You Can Learn From Them

Looking back in time can often turn out to be quite helpful when you want to find out how you can individualize your personal style. At a time when everybody wears things a certain way you can ensure to look classic, yet different enough to stand out from the crowd. Read more