Folding Comb

Accessories: The Folding Comb

In the morning, you probably have enough time to comb your hair appropriately. But once you are out and about, you cannot bring that big comb with you. Instead of trying to fix your hair style with your hands, you should consider using a pocket sized folding comb.

The Royal Warrant Holder, Kent Brushes of England, has been manufacturing high quality combs since 1777, and for a few dollars you get a handmade folding comb that may save your day and will definitely make your hair look good.

In case you prefer a more valuable accessory, you may find versions in sterling silver, brass with mother of pearl inlay or enamel at your antiques dealer or at a flea market.

The one I found is made from 830 silver and features a comb insert made out of horn.

So, if you want to make sure that your hair looks great wherever you are, think about investing in a folding comb.