The Neckties of Harry S. Truman were all 3-Fold Ties

The Neckties of President Harry S. Truman

In the past, we have already introduced to you the stunning suit collection as well as the shoes of President Harry S. Truman. In collaboration with the National Park Service, we were able to acquire exclusive pictured of Truman’s necktie collection. Read more

Men's Summer Fashion 1930's

Men’s Summer Fashion & How to Dress in the Thirties & Forties

With summer nearing its end, many of us are experiencing another heat wave and hence we’d like to highlight 1930’s men’s summer fashion one last time this year.  Read more

The Duffle Coat Guide

Duffle Coat History, Details & Buying Guide

In the new year, we are continuing our overcoat series with in-depth look at the hard-wearing Duffle coat. We’ll outline its history, details, how to wear it,  and how to buy the best Duffle coat for youRead more

1940s Fashion for Men

1940s Fashion for Men

When it comes to the high time of classic men’s clothing, many people think first of the 1920’s and 1930’s, as seen in these beautiful fashion illustrations. Read more