The Hacking Jacket Guide

The Hacking Jacket Guide

Fall is a great season for sports coats, which are also know as odd jackets, because unlike a suit the trousers and jacket don’t match. Although many refer to sports coats as a broader category, few know the intricacies of the few casual jackets that have a distinct history Read more

Hallmarks of a well made quality shirt

The Dress Shirt Guide – Making & Hallmarks of a Quality Shirt

While menswear is not immune to the natural evolution and cyclical nature of the fashion industry and its trends, there are a few wardrobe essentials that have endured the test of time and are actually reaping the benefits of a revivalist Read more

Enzo Carfora sartoria

Enzo Carfora – A Young Neapolitan Bespoke Tailor

During my last trip to Naples, Giancarlo Maresca and the young Neapolitans introduced me to their peer and friend Enzo Carfora. After school he started an apprenticeship as a bespoke tailor Read more

Norfolk Jacket Guide

The Norfolk Jacket Guide – History, Style & How to Buy

Sportscoats and odd jackets are quite popular today but their origins lay in the riding jackets of the 19th century and Norfolk jacket, which is one of the most characteristic sportscoats ever invented. Read more

Made by Hand - Interview with Jeffery Diduch

Tutto Fatto A Mano Interview with Jeffery Diduch

As a regular reader of the Gentleman’s Gazette, chances are you have come across the posts of Jeffery Diduch – aka Jeffery D – who is the mastermind behind the blog about handmade clothes tuttofattoamano. Read more

Impressions of Vienna

Knize & Impressions from Vienna

Earlier this year, my wife and I spent several days in the beautiful city of Vienna. Today, I would like to share a few impressions of this wonderful city, which has much to offer in terms of architecture, Read more