Cocktail Attire For Men

Cocktail Attire For Men – Dress Code Guide For Weddings, Parties & Events

When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may read Cocktail Attire, Black Tie Optional or Formal but what exactly does that mean? Read more

How To Wear Brown Shoes

How to Wear Brown Shoes & Boots

When I am out and about, men often ask me when to wear black or brown shoes. Regularly, sayings such as “no brown in town” or “no brown after six” are mentioned, when in fact things are quite different Read more

8 Secrets to the Perfect Summer Coat

8 Secrets Of A Great Summer Sport Coat

As it gets warmer, men begin the annual transition from heavy to lightweight clothing to beat the heat. However, lightweight clothing alone isn’t enough to keep you cool – beyond the actual weight, the material and the weave also matter. In this article, we will discuss the importance of finding the right kind of lightweight summer sport coat, why you should wear them and what to pay attention to during the buying process.  Read more

Kelvin Knot How to Tie a Tie

How to Tie a Tie Knot – The Kelvin Knot

The Kelvin Knot is one of the lesser known tie knots around, yet it’s a nice variation of the Oriental Knot. In today’s video, I show you How To Tie a Kelvin Tie Knot the easy way, with step-by-step instructions so your tie knot looks crisp every time.  Read more