Enzo Carfora sartoria

Enzo Carfora – A Young Neapolitan Bespoke Tailor

During my last trip to Naples, Giancarlo Maresca and the young Neapolitans introduced me to their peer and friend Enzo Carfora. After school he started an apprenticeship as a bespoke tailor Read more

Young Neapolitan Style

Young Men’s Suits & Accessories in Naples

During my last trip to Naples, I not only had the chance to meet Giancarlo Maresca and a number of craftsmen, but I also met a number of young men with a strong sense for tradition and an affinity to suits and fine clothing. Read more

Rubinacci Moves to New London House

Rubinacci London House at New Address

Over the last few years, Rubinacci has built an impressive presence around the world, with stores in Rome, Milan, London, Tokyo Read more