8 Secrets to the Perfect Summer Coat

8 Secrets Of A Great Summer Sport Coat

As it gets warmer, men begin the annual transition from heavy to lightweight clothing to beat the heat. However, lightweight clothing alone isn’t enough to keep you cool – beyond the actual weight, the material and the weave also matter. In this article, we will discuss the importance of finding the right kind of lightweight summer sport coat, why you should wear them and what to pay attention to during the buying process.  Read more

J. Fitzpatrick Shoe Review

J. Fitzpatrick Shoe Review

Over 3 years ago, I visited Justin FitzPatrick at Gieves & Hawkes in London. Back then he was polishing shoes and working on the designs for shoes he wanted to produce, though from my own experience I know it takes time to actually launch a brand.
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Atelier Eyewear Sunglass Review

Custom Sunglasses by Atelier Eyewear – Review

Traditionally, custom or bespoke sunglasses were something reserved for very wealthy individuals who have no problem with spending several thousand dollars on a unique pair of glasses or sunglasses in the material of their choice. Read more