Balmoral Boots Guide

In our series on shoes & boots, we have included both formal and casual options. Today, we would like to continue this series with the rather formal Balmoral boot, which has become more popular lately. We discuss the origins of the term the history behind these boots, types and style and we provide pictures of course. Read more

J. Fitzpatrick Shoe Review

J. Fitzpatrick Shoe Review

Over 3 years ago, I visited Justin FitzPatrick at Gieves & Hawkes in London. Back then he was polishing shoes and working on the designs for shoes he wanted to produce, though from my own experience I know it takes time to actually launch a brand.
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Derby & Blucher Shoe Guide

The Derby Shoe & Blucher Guide

In our Brogues Shoe Guide for Men, which is a part of our series on men’s boots and shoes, we touched lightly upon the difference between oxfords and derby shoes and then in a subsequent article we focused our attention on the oxford shoe.  Read more

Sanders Shoes

Sanders Shoes Guide & Factory Tour

“Very good shoes – with a twist … we push the boundaries” – that’s the motto of Sanders Shoes, and with this coverage we would like start a series about shoe manufacturers and take you on a journey through the Sanders & Sanders factory showing you what makes these shoes so special. Read more