Derby & Blucher Shoe Guide

The Derby Shoe & Blucher Guide

In our Brogues Shoe Guide for Men, which is a part of our series on men’s boots and shoes, we touched lightly upon the difference between oxfords and derby shoes and then in a subsequent article we focused our attention on the oxford shoe.  Read more

Oxford Shoes Guide

The Oxford Shoes Guide

In the recent past, we have been working our way through creating a series about various types of men’s boots and shoes, both formal and casual. In our Brogues Shoe Guide for Men, we touched lightly upon the difference between Oxford Read more

Moccasin & Driving Mocs Guide

Moccasin & Driving Mocs Guide

Moccasins, driving mocs, loafers… many men get confused as to what exactly is a moccasin or loafer, and hence today we’d like to share a Moccasin guide. First, we discuss the rich history of this kind of footwear, highlight variations such as driving mocs and “moccasins” with soles, and provide tips on how wear & buy them. Read more

Crockett Jones Factory Visit

Crockett & Jones Shoes and Factory Tour

Crockett & Jones ‘Makers of the Finest English Leather Shoes’ – no small boast, but certainly C&J’s claim is one to be examined seriously. This famous shoe company’s long history has been distinguished by royal patronage, Read more