Mazarin & Gammarelli Sock Review

Mazarin & Gamarelli Sock Review

Every man needs to decide where to make investments in their wardrobe, and socks are an accessory for which a few extra dollars/euros invested will be repaid with better choice, quality and longevity. A few years ago, I wrote a review about Mes Chausettes Rouges, the French sock vendor from Paris and their Mazarin and Gammarelli socks. Back then, I wrote about their cotton socks and a few weeks ago, Read more

Michael Macko's Picks III

PRAJAA, Red Toe Shoes, & Hook + Albert Michael Macko’s Picks III

In our third article on Michael Macko’s Picks, we want to draw your attention to PRAJAA summer shoes from Indonesia, Red Toe Shoes from Italy as well as socks from Hook + Albert.

Red Toe Shoes

Red Toe Spectator Shoes

Red Toe Spectator Shoes

Red Toe Paint Splattered Shoes

Red Toe Paint Splattered Shoes

The Italian brand Red Toe shoes has some interesting options including olive green shoes, cherry spectators and more fashion forward options – just look at those paint splatters! Despite the eccentricity of some of Red Toe’s options, I still appreciate their use of classic silhouettes as the basis for most of their designs.

PRAJAA – Espadrilles Meet Indonesian Influences

PRAJAA is a young label creating colorful summer shoes with specially dyed fabrics from Indonesia, where they are also crafted. The styling is a blend between casual street style with leathers and earthy colors with a splash of color or texture.

PRAJAA - Tassel Loafer Meets Espadrilles

PRAJAA – Tassel Loafer Meets Espadrilles

PRAJAA - Indonesian Take on Spectators

PRAJAA – Indonesian Take on Spectators

My personal favorite is probably the mix of espadrilles and tassel loafers. Obviously, this shoe is not meant to last a lifetime but maybe it will make it for a few summers. In any case, it is different than just a regular pair of espadrilles but also nowhere near as formal as a regular tassel loafer. Interesting plays, once again, on classic styles.

PRAJAA Shoes - Color & Texture is King

PRAJAA Shoes – Color & Texture is King

More info about the shoes can be found at

Hook + Albert

Hook + Albert

Hook + Albert


Hook + Albert Socks

Hook + Albert Socks

Hook and Albert offers colorful socks made of Pima cotton, shoe laces as well as other little accessories such as cloth boutonnieres. Some of their items feature new designs, such as a rubber strap in the back of their loafer socks . With a material mix of 75% cotton, 20% nylon and 5% artificial materials, I will have to test how well these ‘one size fits most’ socks perform after numerous wearings and washes.

More info:


Mes Chausettes Rouge – Mazarin and Gammarelli Socks

A few months ago, Vincent Metzger of French label Mes Chausettes Rouges provided us with several fil d’ecosse socks of Gamarelli and Mazarin. After a few months of wearing them, we want to provide you with a product review as well as an introduction to the long standing tailoring houses behind these socks. Read more