Great Gatsby Men's Fashion & Clothing

Great Gatsby Men’s Fashion & Brooks Brothers Clothing

Strolling through the streets of NYC at the present means you simply cannot escape Baz Luhrmann’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby at any moment. Subway stations, bulletin boards, newspapers… all are full of ads for the latest adaptation  Read more

Inaugural Suits of US Presidents

Inauguration & the Suits of the Presidents of the United States

With the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama taking place today, I thought it was a good opportunity to take a closer look at the suits and outfits worn by US presidents throughout history on their inaugural day Read more

Cuffs on Jacket Sleeves

Jacket Sleeves With Cuffs

The other day, I watched the film A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen by the Prince of Wales – a one hour film by Prince Charles for his mother. Read more

Fred Astaire - Gentleman of Style

Fred Astaire: Gentleman of Style

In our continuing coverage of Gentlemen of Style, today we bring you the  Hollywood fashion icon Fred Astaire, who, by many measures, was an unlikely recipient of fame. Read more

The Artist & The Clothes

The Artist & Men’s Clothes

Adored by critics and film-goers alike, the Best Picture Oscar-winning film The Artist is worthy of the many accolades it has received. After we parsed the tuxedos worn during the 2012 Oscars ceremony, Read more

The Yellow Rolls Royce Film

Film review: The Yellow Rolls Royce

A while ago we reviewed the film, The Damned, by Luchino Visconti and paid particular attention to the clothing of the male actors. Today, we want to continue in this spirit and take a closer look Read more