Men's Tuxedos at the Oscars

The Oscars & Men’s Tuxedos

In 2012, we looked closely at the men’s tuxedos at the Oscars and it seems like 2014 was yet another low point. In the following, I would like to show you this year’s outfits, a short guide on how a tuxedo should be worn, Read more


The Great Gatsby Movie Review

The other day, I presented some of the costumes worn in the latest Gatsby movie and discussed the film’s Brooks Brothers collection. As promised then, I would like to share a short review of Baz Luhrman’s new film Read more

Great Gatsby Men's Fashion & Clothing

Great Gatsby Men’s Fashion & Brooks Brothers Clothing

Strolling through the streets of NYC at the present means you simply cannot escape Baz Luhrmann’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby at any moment. Subway stations, bulletin boards, newspapers… all are full of ads for the latest adaptation  Read more

Inaugural Suits of US Presidents

Inauguration & the Suits of the Presidents of the United States

With the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama taking place today, I thought it was a good opportunity to take a closer look at the suits and outfits worn by US presidents throughout history on their inaugural day Read more

James Bond & His Tuxedo

James Bond & His Tuxedo

As 007 celebrates 50 years of cinematic prowess with a new film Skyfall, we want to focus on one of Bond’s most iconic wardrobe elements: the tuxedo. In the first part, I will discuss a few 007 dinner jacket outfits Read more

Cuffs on Jacket Sleeves

Jacket Sleeves With Cuffs

The other day, I watched the film A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen by the Prince of Wales – a one hour film by Prince Charles for his mother. Read more