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Albert Slipper by Del Toro in Velvet & Linen

Today, we will examine Del Toro Albert Slippers a little more closely.

Del Toro Company History

Velvet Albert Slipper Del Toro

Velvet Albert Slipper Del Toro

Del Toro Shoes was founded in 2006 by two students who, after doing some research, were not able to find personalized velvet Albert Slippers for less than $900. Subsequently, they decided to start their own company for velvet slippers.

Once the materials were sourced, Del Toro was able to find a Spanish manufacturer for their first series of Albert Slippers. In the beginning, the crew was quite euphoric and ordered 700 pairs of black, plain Albert Slippers. This turned out not to be their greatest idea, since they realized it was hard to embroider a shoe once it is manufactured. Nevertheless, they managed to sell their shoes, although it was not an easy task.

The Albert Slipper

Del Toro Linen Slipper Leather Lined

Del Toro Linen Slipper Leather Lined

Meanwhile, Del Toro’s product portfolio has grown considerably. Today, you can not only buy shoes for men, but also for women. Moreover, you can choose between a sublime cotton velvet and linen.  Upon request, it is also possible to use different fabrics and materials, or in case you already own a wonderful fabric, Del Toro is happy to make it into an Albert slipper for you, unless of course, the fabric is not sturdy enough for a slipper.

Velvet Slippers Skull & Bones

Velvet Slippers Skull & Bones

Also, the color range was extended, so you can now either buy black, navy or bottle green slippers, while it is entirely up to you whether you go with a classic- or an embroidered slipper.   There are hundreds of flags, logos and so forth available to choose from; even some University and Fraternity logos are included. If you prefer a linen slipper, you have the choice between, a bright red, royal blue, canvas-blue or bold stripes in white and gray.

Even more exclusive are the custom embroidery options. Firstly, there is the possibility to have your slipper embroidered with your initials in 5 fonts and 10 colors. Secondly, you can upload a custom logo, picture or family crest which is then embroidered onto your shoe.

Blue Velvet Albert Slipper Del Toro

Blue Velvet Albert Slipper Del Toro

Traditionally, the Albert Slipper has been designed to be worn around the house. Hence, Del Toro initially offered its slippers with a classic quilted lining in black. Customers liked the slippers so much that they wanted to wear the shoes not just inside their homes, but also outside on the street. In warmer climates, like in Florida, where Del Toro is based, people realized that a quilted lining was not ideal for the warm temperatures, since feet will get sweaty and hot in the slipper. Therefore, it was decided to have all Del Toro shoes lined in leather, since it absorbs sweat better and is more comfortable to wear than a quilted lining.

The heel is about an inch high, and has a rubber bottom. The construction seems to be sound and when the heel stands solidly on the ground, the sole touches the joint line. This helps comfortable walking and minimizes creases and wrinkles on the upper.

The midsole is not made out of leather, but much rather a man-made material consisting of leather fibers. Although this material is inferior to real leather, it is a very commonly used in the shoe industry today. Considering that the shoe is relatively low-priced, and that it is worn primarily around the house, it seems acceptable to me.

Leather Lining - Del Toro

Leather Lining – Del Toro

The last design is quite elegant in my opinion; this becomes especially apparent when the shoes are worn.

I bought my first Del Toro shoe with quilted lining about two years ago, and have been wearing them regularly around my home ever since.  To this date, it still looks neat and I have no complains whatsoever.

Sizes range from US 8 to US 13,5 for men while they seem to be true to size. I usually wear UK 10.5 and Del Toro loafers in US 11.5 fit me the best. Back then I based my order on the measurements I requested from Del Toto. However, you can also order some trial shoes for $15. That way, you can make sure that you get a slipper that fits.

The Price

Custom Embroidered Albert Slipper Del Toro

Custom Embroidered Albert Slipper Del Toro

With regard to price, almost all models from Del Toro are less expensive than their competitor’s products like Stubbs Wootton, Bowhill & Elliot, Shipton & Heneage, Foster & Son, Broadland Slippers and Ed Meier.

The Classic Albert Slipper costs $165, while a slipper with one of their numerous embroidered logos or flags costs just $20 more.

In my opinion, the personalized Albert Slipper with initials in different fonts in various thread colors are an  absolute a price highlight. Priced at $195, they are considerably less expensive than all other monogram slippers around. The waiting period is approximately 4 months, while you have to wait up to 8 months, and pay between $290 and $900 if you want a monogrammed slipper from another manufacturer.

If you want a custom logo embroidered on your shoes, it will cost you $265, which is a little more than you pay for the monogrammed ones, but you also get a unique item.

In case you are on a budget at the moment, but you still want to have some slippers, you should take a look at the SALE category. There, you can buy shoes from older collections or returns, starting at only $75.

At the moment, you get a 10% discount on Del Toro shoes if you type in the Coupon code GZ during the checkout process.

The Future of Del Toro

Apparently, Del Toro is determined to further increase the quality of their shoes in the future, for example getting a real leather midsole, while producing in Spain. Moreover, they want to give the customer the option to choose between leather and quilted lining, while the fabric and color pools is supposed to be expanded as well.


You can buy Del Toro slippers directly at their website

In my opinion, Del Toro slippers are a great and elegant shoe to wear when at home. Del Toro has a broad range of customization options, which means you can get a personalized product for a great price – probably the biggest bang for the buck.


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