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The Martini Guide

Hemingway said that he favored the “15 parts gin to 1 part vermouth” Dry Martini ratio, calling that the “Montgomery” – supposedly, that was the drink Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery favored before going into battle. As for you, what is your Dry Martini recipe? Follow the Gentleman’s Gazette in this excursion to the history of […]

Gentleman of Style: Benedict Cumberbatch

In the past we haven’t featured younger men very often in our Gentleman of Style series, but Benedict Cumberbatch is an exception. While style is inherently part of an actor’s image, Mr. Cumberbatch’s style beautifully brings together the elements of a classic wardrobe with excellent attention to detail, fit, and a modern flair.  If you […]

Affordable Vintage Watches

Do you want to buy a “new” old watch that will not drain your bank account but will also be elegant, stylish and may even trigger a watch collecting hobby? It’s a tall order, but the Gentleman’s Gazette did the hard work of discovering how to buy an affordable vintage watch.  If you shop at […]

IWC, an American-Swiss brand

An American engineer with an Italian name creates a watch manufacturer in the German-Swiss canton of Schaffhausen with the very appropriate name of International Watch Company. Meet IWC, one of the great names of high-end watchmaking. If you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, we just get a […]

Is It Worth It? Dom Pérignon Champagne

Many people believe Dom Pérignon – a French Benedictine monk that lived in the 17th century – invented Champagne. We have already discussed this famous character, so it will not be necessary to comment on him again. Nevertheless, the fame stuck on him and Moët & Chandon used his name as the first prestige Champagne, […]

Port, Cheese, and Dessert Pairing – the Master Class

Best known as a nightcap or an after meal drink, Port – and its interesting range of styles – can be a great companion for cheeses and chocolates. Gentleman’s Gazette takes you through the many ways to pair Port wine.  If you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, […]