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How to Pair Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Champagne is a great drink on its own! But it is also a wonderful match for many dishes, with very few exceptions. We have checked what the experts have to say about it and produced this article to guide you through the maze of accord – that’s French for food and wine pairing. If you […]

15 Must-Have Items Every Gentleman Should Own

As scouts, we should “be prepared” for some situations, good or bad. Here we list fifteen items that every gentleman should have around, from occasional to frequent-usage; nothing too unusual. Some are unavoidable, and many Internet lists mention them, but some are decidedly intriguing. If you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are […]

Baume et Mercier, An Affordable Luxury

With some exceptions, watch brands are part of a few powerful groups, such as Richemont, Swatch, and LVMH. Richemont is especially known for their Haute Horlogerie brands – notably Vacheron Constantin and Cartier. But the group holds a precious little gem, with a great variety of models at a reasonable price point, making them an […]

Gentleman of Style: Ian Russell, Duke of Bedford

Gentleman’s Gazette has already mentioned Sir Ian Russell here as the author of The Duke of Bedford’s Book of Snobs. But his witty remarks on the British peers of the realm and elegance were not exhausted in that book; he wrote three others, and we’ll try to show our readers some of his best quips […]

The Well-Appointed Office

Gentleman’s Gazette has already touched on this subject here, but we wanted to give our readers another view and approach to one of the last gentleman’s strongholds – his office. And organize it so that you don’t have to agree with this infamous – but anonymous – quote: “Sometimes the best part of my job […]

Snobbism, or a Desire to Show Up & Why You Shouldn’t Be a Snob

You have struggled hard to live the life you always wanted to have – and then you start to brag about your clothes, your car or your house? That’s not quite how a gentleman would do it. As Cary Grant once said, “beware of snobbery: it is the unwelcome recognition of one’s own past failings.” […]