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AVO Classic No. 2 Cigar Review

The Story of Avo Uvezian

The story of AVO cigars is the story of Avo Uvezian, a composer and connoisseur. Born in Beirut 1926, Avo became a jazz pianist and eventually moved to the United States to study composition in New York. In the 1980’s, Avo moved to Puerto Rico and opened a restaurant and piano bar.

Avo Uvezian Off Whilte Brioni Suit and Straw Hat

Avo Uvezian Off Whilte Brioni Suit and Straw Hat

There, he discovered his passion for cigars and began to produce his own cigars locally, which he would give away for free to his guests and friends.

In 1982, Avo met Hendrik Kelner and decided to move production to the Davidoff facilities in the Dominican Republic, where it has remained until today. Design and development of the new line of cigars followed the musician’s credo: “Cigars in Perfect Harmony” – just like a fine piece of music. The first AVO cigars, including the classic line, were manufactured (by hand) under this new agreement and finally launched in 1988 in New York. Since 2001, AVO has also created a limited edition cigar for Avo Uvenzian’s birthday.

One of the style  hallmarks of the now 85 year-old Uvezian is an off-white 2 button single breasted suit with a notched lapel, which continues to be tailored for him by Brioni. Although it seems that he always wears the same suit, he, in fact, owns a number of these fine creations in raw silk and linen blend fabric. Most of the time, he pairs it with a white shirt, contrasting tie and a brown mimbre straw hat.

Avo Uvezian Limited Birthday Edition

Avo Uvezian Limited Birthday Edition

The AVO Classic Line

The classic line of cigars today remains a perfect reflection the cigar maker’s credo. Four formats are available for the cigar connoisseur, with the Classic No. 2 (toro format) being the standard one. With its length of 15cm and a 20mm diameter, it has a very similar format to the Cuban prestige cigar Cohiba 1492 Siglo VI and offers 30 to 45 minutes of smoking delight.

The AVO Classic No. 2 Cigar Tasting

Beauty is probably not invoked very often when describing a cigar, but the Classic No. 2 is definitely a beautiful cigar. Perfect in shape and color, with an elegant banderole supporting the perception of superior quality, this cigar is difficult to resist. But can it live up to these expectations?

AVO Classic No. 2

AVO Classic No. 2

Cutting the cigar is an easy exercise, the high quality wrapper allows for a clean cut (I am using a punch), which will allow me to enjoy my cigar without finding little pieces of dried tobacco in my mouth (a sign of a really bad or really dried-out cigar).  Lighting the cigar also went smoothly and it burned evenly without anything that could give reason to complain. Excellent!

Still, you may be more interested in the taste of the Classic No. 2 than technicalities and historic details, and rightfully so! Well then: the taste is rather on the mild side (for the fans of numeric values: 2 out of 5) and very balanced. The smoke is aromatic without any bitter notes. This is a very good cigar to smoke during the day or to complete a nice dinner…not too heavy and not too light. Or, to put it in Avo Uvezian’s words, a cigar in perfect harmony. Enjoy.

Avo Classic No.2 Cigar Box

Avo Classic No.2 Cigar Box


Origin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Ecuador/Connecticut
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Format : Toro
Size : 152 mm
Ring : 50 (20 mm)
Weight: 15g
Price: $ 6-9 ( € 8 )



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