Mock Neck Barleycorn Sweater – J. Hilburn

Just last week, J. Hilburn provided us with a sweater, which we would like to preview today.Although J. Hilburn originally began by offering Made-to-Measure shirts, currently they also offer Ready-to-Wear sweater collections among other things. Personally, I liked the Siena Seedstitch model the most,


which has a two tone barleypickle / barleycorn pattern.

It also features a mock neck collar with a button placket, which I find to be a welcome alternative next to the array of crew neck and v-neck sweaters available on the market otherwise.

Surprisingly, the buttons are made of real mother-of-pearl in a nice shade of grey. Usually, most ready-to-wear garments feature just imitation MOP plastic buttons, which cost just a fraction of a real MOP button but it also looks considerably worse in my opinion. A nice looking, high quality button can really enhance the look of a garment drastically, no matter whether it

is a shirt, a polo shirt or a sweater. If most of your garments have cheap plastic buttons on them, you should think about exchanging them for real buttons made of horn, bone, corozo or mother-of -pearl. I am sure you will also find that to be a huge improvement. In addition to that, the buttons on the sweater feature a shank which is very important on a thick sweater because otherwise the fabric would show wrinkles around the buttonhole when buttoned. This way, it looks very neat when it is buttoned.

However, the buttonholes are of poor quality and were sewn first and then punched afterwards. While this method is very economical, and therefore seen on almost all Ready-to-Wear garments, there always remains a certain amount of fraying on the inside of the buttonhole which looks cheap.

My favorite color would have been the purplish-blue shown in the pictures. Unfortunately, this model was already sold out and so I decided to go with the pale blue sweater in M. The two ply yarn used for this seed stitch sweater is made of 85% Merino wool /15% cashmere and supposedly comes from Loro Piana but frankly it pills so badly after a few times of wear that it looks worse than sweaters I had for almost 10 years. Although soft to the touch, I really dislike the look of the sweater. Likewise, the the cut is very disadvantageous and not comfortable to wear. Although slimmer than some sweaters, it is not a slim fit model and you can find much better quality and style from English, Italian and German brands.

The sweater is priced at $129 which sounds inexpensive but when you consider the few times you can wear it before it starts forming little knots, I suggest you invest your money in other sweaters.

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