Kinloch Anderson Highland Dress

Begg, Robert Noble Hawick – Scottish Cashmere & Tweed

Eric Musgrave, the author of the book Sharp Suits, produced a nice little video series in collaboration with Duchamp London. In the video, Eric travels to Scotland, where he pays a visit to Robert Noble cloth weavers from Peebles, Begg of Aye, makers fine cashmere scarves, and Hawick, producer of one of the first seamless cashmere sweaters.

Robert Noble – Peebles

Robert Noble has been at the same location since 1884, but they have been in existence for more than 355 years! The company settled in Peebles because of the soft water, which is essential for the quality of the tweed they weave. Robert Noble tweed is particularly colorful and rich. Enjoy a look behind the scenes:

Hawick Cashmere Knitwear

According to Hawick, a Scotman discovered the Mongolian goats that cashmere is derived from, and hence cashmere knitting became an essential Scottish industry. Hawick specializes in cashmere sweaters, and although they have a tailoring tradition that spans over generations, they are pioneers in the area of seamless sweaters.

Begg of Ayr Cashmere

Begg has been weaving and specializing in cashmere for over 100 years, and today they collaborate with a number of providers of luxury furnishings and apparel.