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Blick Ties: Neckwear Interpreted Differently

With regard to ties, most people think first of Italy, France and England… but never Germany. Sascha Blick decided it was time to change this perception, and started his own eponymous brand about 3 years ago.

Blick Ties are produced in an unusual way; to maintain the exclusivity of a tie, each production run is limited to 100 pieces, so the buyer may rest assured that only a few others will have the exact same combination of pattern and shape. Several months ago, I had the chance to talk to Sascha Blick and receive a selection of his ties. Interestingly, his choice of brand name is meaningful beyond being his last name, “Blick,” which, in German, means focal point – and ties can be considered the focal point of an outfit.

Blick Tie

Blick Tie

In the following, we want to introduce this unique brand and share the results of our experiences wearing his ties.

Sascha Blick

Mr. Blick has been interested in ties ever since he was a teenager. A true follower, he was never tied to a particular tie style.  Even today, he does not limit himself to a one style, but prefers to mix up his outfits instead. He certainly knows how to get the most out of every tie in his wardrobe. On one day of the week, he may wear a dark three piece suit with a more classic tie and the next  day, he may dress more casually in boots, a rugged belt and jeans with a vividly

patterned tie. As such, Mr. Blick does not produce ties with pure business use in mind, but rather he prefers interesting fabrics, colors and textures – always with a twist. Also, he tries to change the look of his outfits by changing the tie knots. Oriental, Four in Hand and freestyle, he wears them all.

Blick. Ties

All Blick ties are designed in Germany and made in Blick’s own factory. The silks are exclusively sourced from the best weavers in England and Como, Italy that also provide the silks for all the other great tie makers in Europe. Blick uses only the cream of the crop.

Most ties come in vivid colors with classic and sometimes unusual patterns. While most are made of woven silk, you can also find printed silks, woven silks, wool/silk/linen blends, and linen, among others.

In accordance with the general trend, this year’s Blick ties are rather slim, with skinny tie widths ranging from 2.25 inches to 3.125 inches; all have a standard length of 63.5 inches. Personally, I would prefer the ties to be slightly shorter because most of my trousers are on my waist, and consequently, I wear my ties a little shorter than the average man. However, if you wear your pants a little lower, the length should be perfect.

I especially like the lining of Blick ties – each tie has a little surprise on the lining, even though it seems like the last place to look for unique details. Every silk tie lining bears a colorful illustration, mostly of vintage pin-up girls, and I think this is really unique.

As for the overall structure, the interlining of Blick Ties is a little thicker than that used by most Drakes ties, but it has a good elasticity and helps to loosen wrinkles over night.

Blick Tie Review

Over the course of more than three months, I had the pleasure to wear an assortment of Blick ties. From the beginning, I liked the strong colors, as well as the different textures. However, when I used a four-in-hand knot, my dimple would not stay in the tie and the knot was quite small due to the narrow width of the tie. In addition, as previously mentioned, the ties were a little too long for my taste.

I decided to test slightly larger tie knots to see if I could get better results. In the end, I used a Pratt Knot, which I really liked because the dimple stayed in the tie all day. I also used a tie snug to avoid knot slippage.

The back seam of a Blick tie is flexible, but the thread appears a little thin. If you are not rough with your ties, that should not be a problem.

Skinny Navy Blue Repp Tie

Blick interpreted the basic navy blue tie in a special way, by keeping it very skinny (2.25 inches) and using a horizontally textured repp silk with a sophisticated luster. I thought it looked fantastic when I wore it recently with my fresco suit.

The Linen Madras Tie

The Linen Madras Tie in green, yellow and orange-red was one of my favorites. Interestingly, I received many compliments whenever I wore it with a summer outfit. It is a colorful, vibrant and exciting twist on a classic pattern that made each outfit look unique and fresh.

Club Stripes And Matte Silk

My orange and purple striped club tie was also very skinny, but the silk was entirely different from all the others: it was matte and slightly rough with a wonderful depth of color. For example, the orange is not a plain orange but similar to a fresco fabric slightly mottled.

Herringbone Tie Scarf

One of the most unusual neckties was the Blick tie scarf. Basically, it is a wider piece of silk that is folded into a rectangular shape. Subsequently, you can either tie it like a tie, while the front end and back end have the same width, or you just wear it as a kind of scarf. In any case, the brown herring bone fabric with a different colored warp and weft creates a shimmering effect.

Printed Yellow Polka Dot Silk Tie

My printed tie had a much flatter texture without being shiny, which is why I enjoyed wearing it. The mustard yellow is not too bright and the brown polka dots make for a superb tie that blends classic colors with youthful styling.

Green Jacquard Tie

Our green jacquard woven tie came in a rich shade of green to round out this diverse and interesting portfolio of Blick ties.

Altogether, Blick definitely sent us a more classic selection of their ties. Just take a look at their printed baby corduroy cotton ties, their paisley silk satin neckwear or some of the patterns including camouflage!

Sascha Blick is clearly very creative and understands how to provide a tie for the classic gentleman and the modern fashion conscious man alike.

At the moment, you can find Blick ties from Germany at but soon they will also be available in the US, so stay tuned!








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    Whoa, never seen so many different tie designs. I kind of like the camouflage tie, although I’m not too sure how it would look with a suit 🙂

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