Polo For Beginners

This weekend, I visited the Twin Cities Polo Classic, an annual Polo tournament that is a fundraiser for the University of Minnesota Equine Center. With temperatures at about 95 °F, it was a feat of stamina for the attendees and the few dozen horses to attend the event. During a long break, I had a chance to talk to a number of players who told me quite a bit about polo itself, the horses and the equipment. Hence, we will talk about the game of polo today, and in the next couple of days, we will follow up with an article about the tournament itself. Read more

Two New Contributors at the Gentleman’s Gazette

Dear readers,

We wanted to let you know that the Gentleman’s Gazette Team is growing. Recently, you saw the first article about Gouda by Currier Bell. Her passions include writing, fine food and wine, cooking, culinary implements of all kinds, elegant living, antiques and traveling. Currier will be covering a wide range of topics for the Gentleman’s Gazette, and you can expect that her enthusiasm will produce articles of depth and interest. Read more

Imitation – the Highest Form of Flattery?!

The internet is certainly a huge platform that provides a wealth of information for “free”, meaning that you can read, watch, or even write about it in your own words. However, many obviously do not know or maybe do not care where to draw the line between free use and plagiarism. And so the question arises as to whether imitation is really the highest form of flattery. Read more