10 Ways Men Damage Their Reputation

Ten Ways Men Damage Their Reputation

These days, your reputation can be trashed more easily than ever before, thanks to the Internet. One Instagram picture, one Facebook comment, one tweet, one poor moment of judgment, or one accusation, is all it takes to leave a lasting mark in a place where nothing ever disappears. A single instance of bad behavior, even if you think it’s not a big deal, may haunt you forever and it’s simply best to be on your guard and second guess things whether it’s a good idea.

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#Boyswear: How to Get Boys to Dress and Act like Gentlemen

We all know how the #menswear movement has taken the internet (and the world) by storm. More men than ever in recent years are upholding and promoting a classic style. But what about the next generation of little men–our young sons, grandsons, and nephews? How do we inspire them to have an interest in dressing well? What clothing should they wear and how do we outfit them?

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Etiquette Guide - Basic Dining Etiquette Part II - Before & After The Meal

Etiquette Guide – Basic Dining Etiquette Part II – Before & After The Meal

So you’ve been invited to dinner or you have invited someone and there are certain rules before and after that are just as important as the table manners you display during a meal.

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How To Dress Up When Others Don't

How To Dress Up When Others Don’t

If you like classic style, wanting to dress up when others don’t happen to you all the time.  Here are some helpful tips on how to deal with people who question you about the way you dress.

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How to Iron a Suit Jacket Part IV – The Complete Guide to Ironing

How to Iron a Suit Jacket or Sport Coat

Ironing a suit jacket uses similar techniques to pressing a shirt because they share a similar shape and structure. The principles of ironing wool trousers would also apply to wool jackets. People may hesitate to press a jacket because of its complexity, including canvasing, lining, and padding, but, with the information in this article of our series on ironing, you’ll be able to de-wrinkle your jackets without fear.

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How To Iron Dress Pants - Ironing Series Part III

How to Iron Dress Pants – Part III The Complete Guide to Ironing

In the first installment of our series on ironing, we introduced the equipment and preparations required to press tailored clothing effectively, with a specific focus on how to iron a shirt. In Part II, we intensively discussed how to iron dress shirts. Today, we move on to the more challenging task of pressing dress pants.

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