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Brooks Brothers History

Brooks Brothers – The History of an American Haberdashery

Recently, I came across a bunch of vintage Brooks Brothers materials and so I wanted to provide you with a little bit of history about this icon of menswear retail in America up until the 1940’s Read more

Matching Colors - Blue & Brown

Matching Colors For Men – Blue & Brown

Many men have a tendency to wear the same clothes and accessories over and over again, and I imagine that some do it out of disinterested habit. For those who really do enjoy clothing, not knowing Read more

Ivy Style Book Review

Ivy Style Book Review

During my last trip to NYC, I had the pleasure to dine with Patricia Mears, Bruce Boyer and Stephen Pulvirent. Of course, our discussion revolved around menswear, and so I learned that Patricia and Bruce Read more

Summer Outfits 1934 by Fell Sharp

Beach Clothing Summer 1934 By Fell Sharp

It has been a few weeks since we posted an article about fashion illustrations and with summer temperatures continuing to keep us warm, I thought a beach wear photo from 1934 Read more

Alternative Summer Outfits 1930's Style

Safari Jacket & Alternative Summer Outfits

Summer is traditionally the time for lighter fabrics and brighter colors, though most men will wear Read more

Fashion Illustraions in 1930's Ads

Fashion Illustrations in 1930’s Ads

Many of our readers have an affinity to 1930’s fashion illustrations from artists such as L. Fellows or Leslie Saalburg, and while we mostly discuss editorial pictures, Read more