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Pattern Matching - Good Taste Test

Pattern Matching – Good Taste Test

Recently, I watched another episode of Mad Men and noticed a number of casual weekend plaid sports jackets featured by the male characters. Some men’s bold jackets were paired with contrasting ties, Read more

London Men's Fashions - 1936

London Men’s Fashion 1936

The other day, a reader reminded me that we had not covered fashion illustrations for a couple of days, so today we will share a few illustrations from 1936. Read more

The Polo Coat

Polo Coat Guide

Next in our series about overcoat & topcoat styles is the Polo Coat. Read more

The Covert Coat Guide

The Covert Coat


Today, we will continue our series on overcoats & topcoats with the Covert Coat. In this guide, we will discuss the history of the garment, Read more

Diagonal Twill Overcoat

Diagonal Twill Weave Suits And Overcoats

When watching old films and looking at old pictures, I always notice garments, especially overcoats and suits which are made from a heavier, diagonal twill fabric. Read more

Winter Fabrics 1930's

Winter Overcoats From the 1930’s

Yesterday, we focused on winter fabrics and in order to give you a better understanding of the beauty of these fabrics, I wanted to show you a fashion illustration. Read more