Vintage Mens Fashion Ads

Vintage Men’s Fashion Ads & What You Can Learn From Them

Looking back in time can often turn out to be quite helpful when you want to find out how you can individualize your personal style. At a time when everybody wears things a certain way you can ensure to look classic, yet different enough to stand out from the crowd. Read more

Overcoats & Fur Collars

Men’s Overcoats with Fur Collars & 1930s Fashion

After more than a decade of experience with men’s fashion illustrations, I still find new styles and interesting details regularly. The other day, I flipped through a German Herrenjournal from 1937 and I found some very interesting overcoats with fur collars along with other details that I would like to share with you. Read more

Cover Suit Silhouettes 1934

1930 Fashion Styles & Men’s Suit Silhouettes

Just the other week, we welcomed the fall season with our essential tweed guide, and while you now know what some great fall fabric looks like, you may still be looking for a new silhouette for a jacket or suit. Read more

Matching Colors - Blue & Brown

Matching Colors For Men – Blue & Brown

Many men have a tendency to wear the same clothes and accessories over and over again, and I imagine that some do it out of disinterested habit. For those who really do enjoy clothing, not knowing Read more

Alan Flusser

Alan Flusser, Custom Suits & The Shop

Today, I visited the Alan Flusser Custom Shop to meet the shop’s influential owner. Alan Flusser is probably one of America’s best-known Read more

Fresco & Flannel Combination

Fresco & Flannel Summer Outfit

In the past, we have written about Fresco fabric – the ideal summer cloth with built in ventilation, Read more