Cuffs on Jacket Sleeves

Jacket Sleeves With Cuffs

The other day, I watched the film A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen by the Prince of Wales – a one hour film by Prince Charles for his mother. Read more

Summer Accessories and Style 1930's

Summer Accessories & Styles 1937

It has been a while since we featured fashion illustrations on the Gentleman’s Gazette – but not to worry, our extensive archive contains thousands of them Read more

Herrenjournal Winter 1933

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you – or whatever you may celebrate – and a Happy New Year to come! Read more

Country Clothes 540

Country Clothes & Odd Jackets

Beginning in 1933, combinations with odd jackets emerged as a men’s fashion trend. Americans derived their inspiration for this trend from the British and their colorful, traditional country clothing. Read more

Leslie Saalburg - Fashion Illustrator

Leslie Saalburg – Fashion Illustrator Extraordinaire

At the Gentleman’s Gazette, we strive to regularly provide remarkable fashion illustrations from a bygone era. These masterpieces, in their own right, were often published in magazines such as Esquire, Apparel Arts or the German Herrenjournal. In the US, artists like Laurence Fellows, Robert Goodman and Leslie Saalburg were certainly among the best fashion illustrators. Read more

Herrenjournal 540

Herrenjournal – The German Apparel Arts

When we feature an article about men’s fashion magazines from the 1920’s and 1930’s, most inevitably mention Apparel Arts or Esquire. These American magazines had indeed a number of fantastic fashion illustrations, informative articles about the fashion at the time, pictures and sometimes even fabric swatches. Read more