baume et mercier

Baume et Mercier, An Affordable Luxury

With some exceptions, watch brands are part of a few powerful groups, such as Richemont, Swatch, and LVMH. Richemont is especially known for their Haute Horlogerie brands – notably Vacheron Constantin and Cartier. But the group holds a precious little gem, with a great variety of models at a reasonable price point, making them an affordable luxury, as their own advertising claims. Let us introduce you to Baume & Mercier.

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Burberry trench coat

Is It Worth It? The Burberry Trench Coat

As you may know, we rank a trench coat to be one of the 10 must-have garments every gentleman should haveWe also filmed an in-depth trench coat guide, where we talked about the hallmarks, characteristics, the history, and everything you want to know about a trench coat.

Over the years, Burberry’s trench coats have changed, so let’s look at whether their new line of trench coats are worth it today.

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dressing the doctor

Dressing the Doctor: A Physician’s Guide to a Classic Wardrobe

Few professions are as defined by an article of clothing as being a medical doctor. In many people’s eyes, the white lab coat is the quintessential representation of medical knowledge, trustworthiness, and authority, but these days, the dress code for physicians has become a shifting landscape.
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