The Secret to Keeping Your Shirt Tucked In All Day

Secrets To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In All Day

Apart from socks that slide down, having a dress shirt that comes untucked constantly is one of the most annoying things in menswear. Today, we reveal the most important aspect of keeping a shirt tucked in all day.

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$30 Gloves vs. $300 Gloves

$30 vs. $300 Leather Gloves

When it comes to gloves, many men think they are all the same, when in fact they are not. Just like with a suit – take a look at $100 vs. $1000 Suit and $500 vs $5000 Suit – gloves are hugely different. The materials, the fit, the details and the level of workmanship can be like night and day. Therefore, we created a guide highlighting the differences between a $30 pair of gloves and a $300 pair of gloves.

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How a boutonniere is made

How A Boutonniere Lapel Pin Flower is Made – Fort Belvedere

A lot of men have been enjoying our boutonniere lapel flowers, but most don’t know what it takes to make them. Therefore we decided to show you the process of how these little lapel style enhancers are made, step by step, pretty much the same way they used to 100 years ago.

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How to put on cufflinks

How To Put On Cufflinks

Many men are intimidated by cufflinks since they don’t know how to wear them properly. Even if they know how to put on a pair of T-Bar cufflinks, they may struggle to put on a pair of chain cufflinks or fixed bar or snap cufflinks. Around the turn of the century, a valet would have taken care of that for you but today, you have to put them on yourself. Therefore, we created a video guide and article that shows you how to put on and wear all kinds of cufflinks, so you buy and wear them with confidence.

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The Men's Wallet & Billfold Guide

Men’s Leather Wallet & Billfold Guide

This guide is all about men’s wallets, billfolds or portemonnaie as some call them. In it, we’ll delve into various styles, how they’re made and what quality hallmarks you should look for along with some recommendations. Read more


The Clubmaster Sunglasses Primer

Now known as the Clubmaster style — a sunglass variation of the browline style of eyeglasses made popular in the 1950s. Read more