Churchill Style - The Art of Being Winston Churchill

Churchill Style Book Review

Winston Churchill is both one of history’s greatest and most stylistically evocative figures.  The British statesman served in numerous government posts of one of the world’s great imperial powers Read more

The Gentleman's Slipper Book Review

The Gentleman’s Slipper by Fiona Dreesmann – Book Review

Recently, I was introduced to the book The Gentleman’s Slipper by Fiona Dreesmann, who is the founder of My Slippers, Read more

Sleevehead's Guide To Sicilian Tailors

Sleevehead’s Guide To Sicilian Tailors Review

Recently, I had a very pleasant phone call with Juhn Maing – the man behind the men’s clothing blog sleevehead. Read more

Antique Cufflinks 1860-1960

Antique Cufflinks 1860 – 1960 Book Review

Yesterday, we introduced the first European cuff link exhibition, which took place in 2011. It was organized by the impassioned Belgian collector cuff link collector Read more

Art Deco Style - Book Review

Art Deco Style by Bevis Hillier – Book Review

Sandwiched between the two most prominent conflicts of the 20th century, the era of Art Déco embodies Read more

Sharp Suits By Eric Musgrave

Sharp Suits By Eric Musgrave Book Review

While in London recently, I had the opportunity to meet Eric Musgrave, the author of the book sharp suits and all around  a very interesting person. Read more