12 expensive products

12 Expensive Products That Are Worth Their Price

If you follow gentleman’s Gazette on a regular basis, you know that we always encourage you to invest in quality items because quality items get better with age versus cheap items deteriorate over time.

Also, we encourage you to look at the cost per wear of an item, not just the upfront cost, because most of the time, a quality item is less expensive in the long run. That being said, not every costly thing has to be new, sometimes you can find quality items that used to be expensive but you buy them used that way you can enjoy the quality benefits without having to go all-in on the money.

That being said, sometimes inexpensive items can be great too. Make sure to also check out 10 Cheap But Awesome Items here.

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Things I Get The Most Compliments On

Things I Get the Most Compliments On

Getting a compliment is a confidence boost for everybody I know and probably also for you. One of the benefits of dressing well is not that you just get better service, people respect you more, but naturally, you’ll also get more compliments.

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The First 5 Dress Shoes You Need To Start A Shoe Collection

The First 5 Dress Shoes You Need to Start a Shoe Collection

When you start a wardrobe, versatility is key because every item has to work with one another. That way, you get the most combinations possible with the fewest items in your wardrobe which save you money. Of course, the same is true for shoes.

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11 must-haves for fall

11 Must-Haves for Fall

In my opinion, fall is one of the best seasons for classic menswear because you can add additional layers in rich subdued earthy colors which are just a joy to look at. It’s also the start of the season to wear winter accessories such as gloves, lightweight scarves, maybe sweaters, vests, and all those things that just don’t make too much sense during the summer season.

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How to Wear Loafers - Fall/Winter - Justin Jeffers/J Butler

Loafers Explained: How To Wear & Style Loafer Outfits in Fall & Winter with Jay Butler

If you recall, a few months ago we had a conversation about how to style loafers during Spring/Summer season, and today, we’re going to let you in on how to combine loafers for fall/winter outfits that rock!

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how to change the look of your shoes

How To Change The Look Of Your Shoes With Shoelaces

Find out how simple shoelaces can transform your look from boring to stunning! Learn how you can use them to change the look of your shoes, as well as your outfits.

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