Oriental rug guide

The Oriental Rug Guide

Arguably the finest quality rug available for the home, authentic Oriental rugs are investment pieces that, when cared for, become an heirloom quality item capable of being handed down from one generation to the next. They are literally art you can walk on, and they are one of the few old-world quality items you can still buy and enjoy for your home.
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interior decor_art & painting

Interior Decor: Art & Painting

In this guide, we’ll discuss art and paintings used in home decor and how to elevate the style of your residence with artwork. Read more

love poems & poetry books

Love Poems & Poetry Books

In this guide, we’re going to discuss romantic poetry and why an elegant gentleman should be familiar with it. Read more

Interior decor: guest room

Interior Decor: Welcoming Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In this part of our interior decor series, we’re going to focus on some unique ways to elevate the design of your guest bedroom and make it extra comfortable for visitors. Read more

Sitting Room Decor

Living Room Ideas & Sitting Room Decor

Today, we often call the sitting room a living room. Some call it a family room. Others call it a great room. Read more

A Brief History of Renaissance Art

A Brief History of Renaissance Art

A combination of painting and sculptures dating back to the 1400s in Italy, Renaissance art is one of the most celebrated and iconic periods of art history still coveted by the most discerning collectors from around the world. Read more