The Wit of Ian Russell, Duke of Bedford

Gentleman of Style: Ian Russell, Duke of Bedford

Gentleman’s Gazette has already mentioned Sir Ian Russell here as the author of The Duke of Bedford’s Book of Snobs. But his witty remarks on the British peers of the realm and elegance were not exhausted in that book; he wrote three others, and we’ll try to show our readers some of his best quips and life tips. Meet Ian Russell, the 13th Duke of Bedford.

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Snobbism, or a Desire to Show Up & Why You Shouldn’t Be a Snob

You have struggled hard to live the life you always wanted to have – and then you start to brag about your clothes, your car or your house? That’s not quite how a gentleman would do it. As Cary Grant once said, “beware of snobbery: it is the unwelcome recognition of one’s own past failings.” In this article, you’ll learn all about the snob, who he is and why it’s better not to be one. Read more

love poems & poetry books

Love Poems & Poetry Books

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Tommy Nutter Fashion Over the Top

Jean Cocteau Quote of the Day, Van Gogh & Tommy Nutter

In the recent past, we launched our category Gentleman’s Quotations, and today, we would like to continue the series with an interesting quote from Jean Cocteau. Read more

Gustav Mahler

Gentlemen’s Quotations

Lately, I have come across a number of interesting quotations and hence, I thought I would open a new category of quotations that stimulate one’s mind and provide food for thought and discussion. Read more