cigar humidor guide

How to Buy a Humidor for Cigars Online

We’ve discussed cigars, humidors, and accessories at length. In this guide, we’re going to focus on how to buy a humidor for your cigars and what to look for in a cigar case. Read more

How to Host a Poker Night

How to Host a Poker Night

Every six months or so, I host a gentleman’s poker night at my home. Read more

The Smoking Jacket Guide

The Smoking Jacket Guide

Synonymous with gentleman’s comfort at home, the smoking jacket has long been a traditional coat reserved for evening wear in the comforts of your estate as you sip fine port, read your paper and enjoy the pleasantries of a pipe or cigar. Read more

pipe tobacco primer

Pipe Tobacco Primer

Pipe tobacco is entirely about taste, and personal taste is subjective.  Read more

Cigar & Pipe Lighter Guide

The Cigar & Pipe Lighter Guide

There is no way to better distinguish a gentleman from a boor, than by the method used to toast his cigar. Read more

Medium Bodied Cigars

Top Medium Bodied Cigars

Medium bodied cigars are arguably the most popular strength of cigar sold around the world. Mild cigars are great for those new to smoking or as a lovely cigar in the morning or after a light brunch. Read more