Don Draper's Accessories in Mad Men

Don Draper’s Watches, Ties & Other Accessories in Mad Men

Yesterday, we focused on Don Draper’s suits, shirts and shoes. Today, we want to discuss Mad Men accessories Read more

Bespoke Outfit From Pakistan

Bespoke Outfits & Style from Pakistan

I am always happy to receive emails from our readers and a few months ago, I received one from Mr. Ahmed Sajeel Read more

Cream White Flannel Trousers & Sportscoats

Cream White Flannel Trousers & Sportscoats

Recently, we discussed suits and jacket from the 1960s, outlining the details of fashion styles at the time. Today, we will turn back to 1928 and focus on a German fashion illustration that Read more

Mad Men Suits & Clothes

Mad Men Suits & Men’s Clothes – A Dominion of Style

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, it might be 2012, but 1960’s style is on the mind of anyone in the proximity of AMC’s wildly popular show Read more

1940s Fashion for Men

1940s Fashion for Men

When it comes to the high time of classic men’s clothing, many people think first of the 1920’s and 1930’s, as seen in these beautiful fashion illustrations. Read more

Fred Astaire - Gentleman of Style

Fred Astaire: Gentleman of Style

In our continuing coverage of Gentlemen of Style, today we bring you the  Hollywood fashion icon Fred Astaire, who, by many measures, was an unlikely recipient of fame. Read more