Cuffs on Jacket Sleeves

Jacket Sleeves With Cuffs

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Arthuh Hastings & His Clothes in Agatha Christie's Poirot

Arthur Hastings’ Clothes in Agatha Christie’s Poirot

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Laurence Fellows - An Iconic Fashion Illustrator

Laurence Fellows – An Iconic Fashion Illustrator

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Fred Astaire - Gentleman of Style

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The Artist & The Clothes

The Artist & Men’s Clothes

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New Years Outfits 2012

New Years Outfits

Just after New Year’s, I invited our readers to send us some pictures of their New Year’s outfits– and here is a special selection!

Boheme Sauvage

Boheme Sauvage

Bohème Sauvage in Berlin

Our readers Henry de Winter and Ray Frensham sent us some pictures from their New Year’s event Bohème Sauvage in Berlin. It seems like they had a wonderful time in full fig (white tie).

After looking at a number of photos of this event, I noticed that the general interest in black tie and 20’s clothing was very high. The reason being is that Bohème Sauvage is a German tribute to the French Belle Epoque, the Roaring 20’s in Berlin and in the US. Attendants are required to wear vintage clothing and the goal of the organization is to celebrate like in the good ole days – with lots of music, champagne and of course fun.

Ray Frensham

Ray Frensham

These pictures are full of exquisite little details. Henry de Winter wears a monocle, detachable collar, stiff fronted shirt, studs and one of the very rare double breasted evening waistcoats. His friend Harald Zöpke also wears white tie, but he tops it off with a fez hat. The fez originally was developed by Andalusian Arabs in the city of Fes, Morocco in the 17th century – hence the name. It is a brimless hat made of felt or kilim fabric, with a cylindrical or cone like shape and tassels on top. Personally, I would probably not wear one, but I admire it on him.

White Tie and Fez

White Tie and Fez

In the picture, you can see Ray Frensham with a top hat and starched single cuffs that he wears with cuff links. Traditionally, cuffs for evening shirts were stiff and unfolded. Only with the introduction of the dinner jacket did cuffs become softer and foldable.

While the Bohème is definitely a special vintage event, I find the idea of a glorious new years eve celebration in nice clothes and in a festive surrounding fantastic, although I am generally not overly interested in period costume events.  What do you think? Would you want to celebrate New Year’s in such a setting?

Picture Credit: Heinrich von Schimmer

Pakistani New Years Outfit

Sportscoat and Cardigan

Sportscoat and Cardigan

A very different, yet equally great outfit picture was submitted to us by Ahmed Sajeel from Pakistan. I find it remarkable that we gather readers from all over the world, yet everyone shares a common interest: classic men’s clothing & style.

He wears a classic Glen Urquhart (aka glencheck or prince of wales check) coat sans overplaid, a heavy knit cardigan with sporty leather buttons, a blue patterned tie and white shirt. On his lapel, we can see a little BMW pin and his chest pocket is decorated with a light blue  and golden yellow paisley pocket square.

Obviously, this is by far not as formal as the previous outfits, but it is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere.

Kent Wang Tuxedo

Finally, Kent Wangprovided us with a few pictures of his interpretation of a modern, yet classic tuxedo outfit.The peaked lapels are very slim and have a slight belly (curve) and the gorge is very high. It is a one-button jacket with jetted besom pockets and fairly round quarters. He wears it with big black studs, a marcella piquée shirt, a white silk pocket square, white pearl cuff links, and plain toe balmoral oxford shoes. Last but not least, he wears a black bow tie.

Overall the fit is very slim and hence you can see a few wrinkles here and there. Though, I do like the idea of a single, cloth-covered cuff button on the jacket. What do you think?

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