Paletot with Black Velvet Collar

Paletot Overcoat with Velvet Collar

Last year, we started a series about different overcoats like the Ulster, Guard’s Coat etc. , and one of my personal favorites is the double breasted Paletot. Read more

British Warm Overcoat

The British Warm Overcoat

Today, I will discuss all you need to know about the famous British Warm overcoat, including its history, Read more

Paletot Double Breasted

Paletot – The Double Breasted Overcoat

Earlier this year, we explained the differences between an Ulster and a Guards Coat. Read more

The Guardscoat

The Guards Coat

In this article, which is part two of our examinations of overcoats, we will continue our explanation with the the Guards Coat. Read more

Ulster Topcoat

The Ulster Overcoat

After receiving a question about the characteristics of an Ulster overcoat and the Guards coat, I decided to write two separate Read more