Trench Coat Guide

Trench Coat Guide

Overcoats and topcoats are an integral part of an elegant gentleman’s wardrobe yet few men know what pieces they should invest in. Read more

Overcoats & Fur Collars

Men’s Overcoats with Fur Collars & 1930s Fashion

After more than a decade of experience with men’s fashion illustrations, I still find new styles and interesting details regularly. The other day, I flipped through a German Herrenjournal from 1937 and I found some very interesting overcoats with fur collars along with other details that I would like to share with you. Read more

How To Buy Quality Fur Coats

Buying & Caring for Fur

After our recent coverage of men’s fur coats, today we’d like to follow up with an article on purchasing and caring for fur garments. Read more

Fur Coats For Men

Fur Coats For Men

After we discussed overcoats, hats and their importance in the cold, I would like to focus on a sight that’s even more rare than seeing a vintage hat – men’s fur coats. Read more

The Polo Coat

Polo Coat Guide

Next in our series about overcoat & topcoat styles is the Polo Coat. Read more

The Covert Coat Guide

The Covert Coat


Today, we will continue our series on overcoats & topcoats with the Covert Coat. In this guide, we will discuss the history of the garment, Read more