The Smoking Jacket Guide

The Smoking Jacket Guide

Synonymous with gentleman’s comfort at home, the smoking jacket has long been a traditional coat reserved for evening wear in the comforts of your estate as you sip fine port, read your paper and enjoy the pleasantries of a pipe or cigar. Read more

Atelier Eyewear Sunglass Review

Custom Sunglasses by Atelier Eyewear – Review

Traditionally, custom or bespoke sunglasses were something reserved for very wealthy individuals who have no problem with spending several thousand dollars on a unique pair of glasses or sunglasses in the material of their choice. Read more

The Closet System Guide

The Walk in Closet & Wardrobe Systems Guide

A little over a year ago, my wife and I moved to a new home built in 1916, and the rooms often have tiny or sometimes oddly shaped closets. With two wardrobes to accommodate, Read more

Indochino Review

Indochino Review – Jacket & Pants

A few months ago, I was offered a suit by Indochino for review. As a consequence, I decided to create a series on “custom” suits which will be published in the following weeks. Read more

Horace Batten - Bespoke Bootmaker since 1804

Riding Boots by Horace Batten

Resuming my tour of Northamptonshire boot and shoe makers, today I headed north to the quiet village of Ravensthorpe, where I visited a quite unusual and rather special artisan firm, Horace Batten Bootmakers Ltd. Read more

The Hacking Jacket Guide

The Hacking Jacket Guide

Fall is a great season for sports coats, which are also know as odd jackets, because unlike a suit the trousers and jacket don’t match. Although many refer to sports coats as a broader category, few know the intricacies of the few casual jackets that have a distinct history Read more