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Commonwealth Proper – Philadelphia

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk with Grant Harris from Image Granted about his videos. Through one of the videos, I found out that he and his friend Wale from Less.Gentleman had been on a trip to Philadelphia, where they met with Craig Arthur von Schroeder from Commonwealth Proper.

Commonwealth Proper – Custom Clothiers

Orange Plaid Sportscoat

Orange Plaid Sportscoat

Prior to watching the video, I had not heard of Commonwealth Proper before, nor have I spent any time in Philadelphia.

In 2008, Craig Arthur von Schroeder and his friend Aaron Pierce noticed that many of their peers would wear ill-fitting garments. Instead of suggesting a visit to an alterations tailor, they decided to start a business providing customized clothing and accessories.

They also offer Ready-to-Wear clothing for the men who want to look dapper but not old fashioned. Apparently, all Commonwealth Proper garments are cut and tailored in the US. The term “Commonwealth” pays homage to a group of Philadelphia-based tailors in the 1800’s who created one of the first unions in the trade that aimed to guarantee better working conditions. On the other hand, “Proper” stands for the owners’ philosophy that men’s clothing must fit properly.

Unlike Alexander Amann, neither Craig nor Aaron are tailors by profession. Their suits and coats are tailored to the customer’s specifications  in Brooklyn, New York and the shirts are handled in New Jersey.

Velvet Collar & Hand Sewn Buttonholes

Velvet Collar & Hand Sewn Buttonholes

With regards to styling, they certainly do not shy away from strong colors and unusual details. For example, take a look at this orange windowpane plaid sportscoat. It has a brown velvet collar, elbow patches and brown trim on the flap pockets. Although I would personally prefer a more neatly stitched buttonhole, it is clearly stitched by hand.

Double Breasted Teal Blazer with Mother of Pearl Buttons

Double Breasted Teal Blazer with Mother of Pearl Buttons

I do like their teal-colored double-breasted blazer with mother of pearl buttons. To me,  it is always amazing to see that such a simple component as buttons can give your whole outfit an entirely new look. This is especially true for mother of pearl buttons, due to their special luster.

The owners are actively seeking to broaden CMMP’s customer base, and if you are interested in crossing paths with them on one of their many road trips across the US, refer to the Commonwealth Proper website.

Personally, I am thrilled to see that American producers and consumers alike are focusing more energy on quality and style again – hopefully it becomes the next mass movement!

In the following, you can see two videos that will explain more about Commonwealth Proper, the people behind the brand, and their style philosophy.

You can find their website at

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  1. Garric Gaspar Nahapetian says:

    I am thrilled as well! Do you know of any tailors near Los Angeles that you might cover and or recommend?

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear Garric Gaspar,
      Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone in LA to you. Also, I have not have any personal experience with Commonwealth Prosper, which is why I cannot recommend them. I had just never heard of them before and short it would be worth mentioning.
      Where are you located – in LA?

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