Deoveritas Shirt Cuffs & Collar

Deoveritas MTM Shirt Replacement Cuffs & Collar

Last summer, we wrote a shirt review about Deoveritas and we were pleased with the overall outcome and service.

However, as mentioned in the article, the first shirt did not fit well because a number of measurements were off, particularly the cuff and collar measurements.

Collar & Cuff Replacement

Deoveritas Shirt Cuff

Deoveritas Shirt Cuff

Initially, Deoveritas remade the shirt for me, and while the second one was good, the owner, Vinnie Sikka, told me to keep the first shirt. Obviously, I could not wear it, so I asked him if it was possible to have only the cuffs and collar replaced.

Unlike many other MTM shirt makers, Deoveritas offers replacement cuffs and collars! This means you may just order the cuffs and have them sewn on at your local alterations tailor or you can send the shirt to them and they will do it for you. This option may extend the life of a shirt that shows wear in the usual places – the cuffs and collar.

Deoveritas Shirt

Deoveritas Shirt

As with any Deoveritas shirt, choices for replacements abound: select from a stiff, medium or soft interlining – or even no interlining at all. Moreover, you can customize the collar to your liking. With the last shirt, I opted against an interlining because this is very difficult to find and I like the look and feel of it. Originally, I decided on a rounded club collar and a James Bond Button Cuff.
For the replacement, I went with a spread collar, and since the previous cuffs were far too wide, I decided to go with double cuffs this time. Since I wanted to make sure this second shirt stood apart from the first, I wanted contrasting cuffs. Now, most suppliers of made-to-measure shirts offer a white fabric for a certain up charge. Deoveritas, on the other hand, lets you choose from their

Deoveritas Shirt Cuff Stitching

Deoveritas Shirt Cuff Stitching

entire range of fabrics! Of course, most people do not want a pink collar on a blue shirt and neither do I. However, I appreciated being able to choose between the available white fabrics. This way, I could choose a nice Tessitura Monti fabric. With other shirt manufacturers, you usually get one of their cheaper white fabrics that simply does not look as refined, nor will it last as long.

The New Shirt

Because of the size differences of the collar, it was not an easy job to accomplish, but Vinnie prevailed. Obviously, the stitch density was not the same as on the rest of the shirt, but one must bear in mind that the shirt was sewn in Hong Kong, while the collars and cuffs were sewn on in the US on a different sewing machine.


Depending on the fabric, a pair of cuffs and a collar should cost about $30, which is considerably less than a new MTM shirt of decent fabric. Understandably, this service is only available for Deoveritas customers since it is a pure service to the customer.


Overall, the service I experienced at Deoveritas has always been outstanding, and the fact that they replace your cuffs and collars in a fabric and interlining of your choice is simply superb! Whatever the circumstance, be it age, a stain, or simply a desire for a change, it’s nice to know that you don’t need to buy a new shirt entirely. Just get the cuffs, a collar and spend the leftover money on a new tie!

If you are interested in ordering a shirt from Deoveritas, use the code GG10 for a 10% discount.

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  1. Evan Raleigh says:

    I’m a big fan of these guys…been ordering shirts from them since a friend turned me on to them a couple years back. Vinnie (the owner) always is available via email or phone and handles a number of these orders personally. Glad to see them getting more notoriety.

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