Ettemadis Shirts - The Hague, Netherlands

Ettemadis – Bespoke Shirts from the Netherlands

Bespoke shirtmakers are one of those increasingly rare craftsmen, and I am always happy to experience independently owned crafts shops with high quality workmanship. Recently, my friend and Gentleman’s Gazette contributor Tim Mureau made me aware of the shirt atelier Ettemadis in The Hague, Netherlands. Who would have imagined that you can find a custom shirtmaker in southern Holland? In the following, I will introduce the Ettemadis bespoke shirt atelier and provide two insightful videos.

Ettemadis – A Family Business

Although the family now resides in the Netherlands, Ettemadis’ family originally comes from Iran. The duo consists of Amir and his father Mehdi, who learned the trade from his father. In addition to the family connections to the trade, Mehdi pursued a degree as a designer from the Academy School of Fashion in London in 1979.Overall, the shirt making history of the family dates back to 1952.

Just like his father, Amir knows how to tailor a bespoke shirt from scratch, but fortunately, they have so many clients that they are supported by a team of seamstresses and shirt makers. However, the production remains in-house  at the workshop at the Noordeinde, where Mehdi oversees the production.
Amir focuses on the design process, despite the fact that he graduated from law school. Instead of working in court rooms, he decided to follow his passion and traded a corporate office for the family bespoke atelier.

Bespoke Shirts

Ettemadis is located at the prestigious Noordeinde neighborhood.  Here, “bespoke” really means bespoke –  and after the customer is measured a unique pattern pattern is drawn and subsequently cut before a trial shirt can be made. During the fitting, each pattern is perfected personal style preferences are discussed. Only then it is time for the actual shirt fabric – of British or Italian provenance – to be cut and sewn. They also offer blouses and a RTW line of shirts, but I do not know whether they are crafted to the same standards as their bespoke shirts.

Shirt Fitting

Shirt Fitting


In the following Dutch video (with English subtitles), you can gather an impression of their shop and their approach to shirtmaking. In case you should be in the Netherlands or even The Hague, make sure to stop by and maybe you will return with a beautiful shirt!

From what I can see in the pictures, it looks promising – what do you think? And don’t forget: if you know of any interesting craftsman, manufacturers or shops, let us know.

Noordeinde 88 (immediately right of the Noordeinde)
2514 GM
The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0) 70 2156205
Fax +31 (0) 70 2156206