Exquisite Trimmings

Exquisite Trimmings

With just a few weeks to go before Christmas, the search for great gifts for others – or for yourself – is heating up. That’s when accessories come in to play. Today, I would like to review Exquisite Trimmings, which is run by the Englishman Shaya Green, who started his business in the US but is now based in the UK.

The Beginning

Several months ago, Shaya began selling accessories from well known brands on a basic website out of Brooklyn, New York. As the name implies (in one interpretation), his men’s products were “trimmings” from past seasons, overstock, or lot purchases that he offered to the public.

Handkerchief Detail

Handkerchief Detail

Now, one might wonder why someone would buy these “old” designs when new ones are available, but that’s the beauty of classic men’s clothing: if you know what you like, ties and for that matter most other accessories can be worn for decades, rather than months, without ever looking outdated. Even so, if you want a particular purple paisley pocket square or a plaid bow tie but you are not sure how much wear you will get out of it, it’s nice to get the workmanship of Rubinacci or Drakes without the full retail price tag.

The New Store

Once Shaya evolved out of the start-up phase of his business, it was time for a new website and more products. In addition, he decided to move closer to his European sources so he could coordinate things more easily, and thus he moved with his family to London. At this point, he was carrying products of 13 brands in his store, but it seems like he is adding new things weekly. The latest edition seems to be the magazine the Rake, which he sells in individual issues as well as as a subscription, and Butler Luxury Hangers, which he sells to customers in Europe.

The Products

Due to the nature of Exquisite Trimmings, you will find new things regularly, as opposed to a traditional  full collection that turns with the seasons. Happily, you can browse the store every once and a while, and view the latest additions until you find something you like.

The brands Shaya carries are well known in the iGent world, which is why I won’t elaborate on them in detail. To convince me of the quality, Shaya sent me a pocket square from Penrose, a pair of socks from Gallo and a tie from Drake’s.

Penrose Flowers on Summery Pocket Square

Penrose Flowers on Summery Pocket Square

The pocket square has a typical Penrose floral print, and is very thin and made out of 70% cotton & 30% silk.  The edges are machine hemmed in Italy, which makes it more suitable as a flashy handkerchief rather than a decorative pocket square. But then again, even Drakes has started to sell machine hemmed pocket squares rather than hand rolled ones.

The pair of Gallo socks is very colorful and due to the irregular stripe, it is certainly only something for extravagant characters. With a composition of 74% cotton, 24% polyamide and 2% elastane, these socks are made for everyday use with more stretch than a pure cotton sock. At the same time, they are a bit thicker and less puristic, but if you like this kind of pattern, the selection of Exquisite Trimmings is second to none.

Asymmetrical Polka Dot Pattern

Asymmetrical Polka Dot Pattern

The Drake’s Tie I received measured 147 cm / 58 ” and was navy blue with small red woven polka dots. It has a rather thick interlining which ties into a nice four in hand knot, but anything bigger would probably be too much, unless you like large knots. The interesting aspect about it is the cut: micropatterns like this are traditionally cut so the dots are symmetrical, whereas here they were cut so the dotted rows point down in a 170º angle from the left top to the right bottom. You won’t find such details like these at every haberdasher or department stores, but Exquisite Trimmings may have a a limited stock of these special items.

Exquisite Trimmings
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Exquisite Trimmings
Review about the online store Exquisite Trimmings which offers high quality men's accessories such as ties, socks & pocket squares for less.
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    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear Art, thank you for your comment. We review products and services that are provided to us and pride ourselves to always judge with the same consistency. Unlike many other publications, we never publish any marketing pieced that are passed on to us but instead we voice our own opinion.
      We always disclose our relationships – in this case that exquisite trimmings is advertising with us. In addition, what we write is honest and sincere a to the point that we are not afraid to write about the good, the bad and the ugly – of course this is always true for our advertisers. For more about our standards, please take a look here.
      Is this publicity? Yes, to the same extent as every other review we write. Would I have written it differently if ET would have not been our advertiser, absolutely not.

  1. Art says:

    Dear Mr Schneider, thank you for your elaborate answer. I do enjoy your blog e.g. the postings on style, fashion from the thirties and the recent on the colour green. However, as an internet reader and a consumer one rarely finds an independent source that is as critical as traditional media used to be. But then, in spite of their journalistic rules old media never published that much about men’s style as one finds on the internet and in the world of blogs today. I have got a good explanation, thank you. Keep up the good work. Best, Art

  2. Roland says:

    I did indeed find some nice stuff.

    Two Drake’s ties bought. The navy grenadine and the navy/red wool tie.


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