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Financial Times Germany mentions Gentleman’s Gazette

In the July 2, 2010 issue of the Financial Times Germany, there is a one page article regarding  Herbert Stricker’s bespoke consulting that mentions the Gentleman’s Gazette! We are more than thrilled to see such a renowned publication refer to our website. Bespoke Consulting is currently only available for German and Italian speaking customers.

The article in the Financial Times Germany was written by Nina Anika Klotz. The German article is available here (please click to enlarge):

Financial Times Germany - Gentleman's Gazette Bespoke Consulting

Financial Times Germany – Gentleman’s Gazette Bespoke Consulting

Article: © 2010 Financial Times Deutschland, Nina Anika Klotz

Short summary:

Nina Anika Klotz joined bespoke consultant Herbert Stricker and two of his clients on a recent trip to Adamo De Togni, a bespoke tailor in Raldon, Italy. She explains the difference between bespoke, Ready-To-Wear and Made-To-Measure clothing, while noting that clients can be easily overwhelmed by the numerous choices they have – like shoulder construction, flap size, position, or cuff length. In his consulting capacity, Herbert Stricker first suggests tailors that suit the build and the taste of the customer, and subsequently assists and translates in order to make certain that each client receives a suit that fits and looks good in the end. With over thirty years of bespoke experience, his goal is to ensure that a novice bespoke customer gets the right value and education for their investment. In the very end of the article, a link to the Gentleman’s Gazette website is provided.

Update July 4, 2010: The FTD published the article online.

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