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Gentleman Magazine

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Mureau sent me an issue of the Italian magazine Gentleman. On the cover we see Prince William, who is of course quite popular right now due to his upcoming wedding with Kate Middleton. One heading also informs us that there will be a Savile Row feature in the magazine.

Unfortunately, I do not speak Italian but with some knowledge in French and Portuguese, I can basically understand what the article is about.

The magazine comes in a rather large format which makes it rather expensive to ship from Europe. It consists of articles, a few luxury ads, company portraits as well as a product guide and outfit gallery.

The Gentleman Articles

British Style Icons

The Prince William article is 4 pages long and includes quite a few pictures of him. He is also compared to British Style icons of the past like Beau Brummell or the Duke of Windsor.

The Savile Row article focuses on tailors Henry Poole and Norton & Sons. Admittedly, these two establishments have received quite a bit of coverage in recent years. A Savile Row documentary that aired originally on BBC 4 recently provided some special insights into these two houses. Consequently, the articles do not really introduce us to new information.

Additionally, there is a feature about the Hugo Boss Yacht.

The Product Guide

Gentleman magazine outfits

On several pages, all kinds of clothing items and accessories are listed with prices and company URL .It is a good way to find out about new products. For example, I saw I bag leather bag from Kep Italia which I had not heard of before.

The Outfits Gallery

In this section, you can find interesting male outfits. Just take a look at this marvelous glenplaid in the pictures on the right.

The Ads

Aceto Balsamico Giuseppe Giusti

Other than typical menswear advertisements  from brands like Luigi Borelli, there was also an ad for authentic Aceto Balsamico di Giuseppe Giusti from Modena. This company has been producing the legendary Balsamico vinegar Banda Rossa since 1605.

I find it remarkable that Gentleman magazine features also culinary ads of high quality products. When was the last time you saw and ad for vinegar or gourmet food in GQ, Esquire or the like?


Generally, I would love to see that kind of print magazine also in the US. Apparently, Gentleman is published in Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Estonia and Bulgaria. Now, if there is a demand for that kind of magazines in such tiny countries like Estonia, how is it not possible to publish such a magazine in the US? I simply do not know.

Prince William Bowler Coke

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