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Gentleman’s Gazette Mentioned In Legal Tribune Online

Business wardrobe for summer – style at 96º and above

On July 16th, 2010, the German Legal Tribune Online published an article in which Herbert Stricker, editor & bespoke consultant of the Gentleman’s Gazette, explains what the elegant gentleman should or should not wear when it is hot outside.

The article also provided a link to the Gentleman’s Gazette! After being mentioned in the Financial Times Germany just a couple of weeks ago, this is the second appearance of the Gentleman’s Gazette in a larger publication.

Some of Herbert’s suggestions for business attire are:

  • If you wear a linen suit, wear Irish Linen specifically, since other linen fabrics often wrinkle too much and age unfavorably.
  • If you decide to take off your tie, it is best to refrain from revealing any chest hair or parts of your undershirt.
  • Avoid light blue shirts when it is really hot since they are prone to show perspiration spots.
  • Wear a summer hat, but take it off whenever you are indoors or out of the sunlight.
  • Loafers are acceptable when wearing over the calf socks; Tassel Loafers, while still acceptable in the US, are regarded as clownish in Germany.
  • Outside of work, nice-looking legs are a prerequisite of wearing shorts.

You can find the German article about Herbert Stricker here.