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Gentleman’s Gazette With New Design

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, we recently changed our website design and added a number of new functions which enable us to provide quality content including videos more easily and elegantly. We hope you like the new layout and we look forward to any kind of comments you may have.

Shortly, there will be a Gentleman’s Gazette Newsletter and some other functions.

Overall, we look forward to publish more articles, and eventually, it is our goal to provide you with content daily on the Gentleman’s Gazette.

Soon, we will also spend some time in Europe and I am certain this will result in a number of interesting pictures and articles about craftsmanship, clothing and accessories.

As you can see, we are constantly trying to improve the quality as well as the quantity of the content of the Gentleman’s Gazette and at the same time, we want to provide a great user experience.

Thank you for your continuing interest and kind regards,

Sven Raphael Schneider

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