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Welcome, I am Sven Raphael Schneider the founder of the Gentleman’s Gazette. If you are new to the world of classic men’s clothing or interested elegant style, accessories & savoir vivre, this is the website for you. Over the past years we have created great articles, guides and resources that not only help you to dress better but also explain the fundamentals of men’s style as well as the history behind it. If you want to learn more about me and why I started the Gentleman’s Gazette, watch the video.

In this Primer, I want you to show how you can navigate the Gentleman’s Gazette so you can find the information you need, and improve your personal style.

Sven Raphael Schneider

How we can help you

Our main focus has always been classic men’s clothing, and we educate our readers in various ways by offering tutorials, how-to guides and product reviews. That means we provide you with information about how specific garments and etiquette rules evolved, how to dress today and what to buy or not to buy.

In addition, we have columns about spirits, architecture, watches or we help you to master the art of conversation because we believe that a gentleman shouldn’t just dress the part – he also needs to act like on and can enjoy like one.

Ever since we introduced our readers to the finer things in life, we have received questions about where to get certain gloves, specific ties or just a little collar pin. Based on this demand, we decided to create our own products under the brand Fort Belvedere, which are all designed and sourced by me. You may find them in our shop. The utmost goal for us was to provide quality products and because of the shop, we are now able to not just tell you what and how you should wear things, but also where to buy them.


Gentleman’s Guides

Over time, we have produced more than 500 articles, including  some extensive guides for overcoats, shoes, shirts, spirits… In order to make it easier for you to find the information you need, I grouped thematically related posts together, which we call Gentleman’s Guides.

Your feedback is appreciated!

As a final note, I wanted to emphasize that Gentleman’s Gazette was built out of my passion for classic men’s clothing and with the idea in mind to educate and help our readers to improve their style. We have always listened very carefully to what they had to say and we will continue to do so. If you have a specific question about something or if you need a wardrobe consultation – we can help. But in order to do so, we need to know what your problems are and hence we created a survey. That way we can identify common problems, and provide solutions that serve you.

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