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Lately, we have received a multitude of emails from interested readers who have asked for our advice. Some of these questions were easier to answer than others, but overall we thought it would be valuable to publish the answers online. As a result, you will now be able to read some of these correspondences in our Gentleman’s Query Category.

D.I. wrote to us:

Dear Sir, I am 6’4″ tall and – because of a sickness – my weight is 450 pounds.  I am an … and can only work in my home office (different floors).

I would like to order different classical “business” gowns which I also could wear when I welcome visitors.  Unfortunately I could not find any supplier or Made-To-Measure offers by “googeling”.

Would you perhaps be so friendly to help me out with one or several links – regardless if from U.K, USA or Asia.

Thanks a lot!


By the way: Your Gazette is really   G R E A T …

Our reply:

Dear Mr. I,

First of all thanks for your email! I think you are looking for Dressing Gowns. Have you read our article about them yet? At the end of it, I listed a number of suppliers with links to their respective websites. Some are even relatively close to you.

Please bear in mind, that the variety in Ready-To-Wear collections  is quite limited. However, every bespoke shirt tailor or custom tailor should be able to custom-make dressing gowns for you. There are a number of advantages if you decide to go with a bespoke robe. You personally can choose the material – silk, cotton and velvet are the most common ones. Also, you can pick the color as well as the pattern. If you want to welcome clients, it might be wise to pick more muted colors, like navy or charcoal, and limit flashy details to a pocket square, for instance.

Best regards to …,

arbiter elegantiarum

In case you have a question as well, please contact us by clicking here.

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  1. stephen robinson says:

    can you inform me of the price of a haircut at trumpers, am visiting london in july for a sussex
    wedding any suggestions would be most welcome
    i grew up in london
    have not been home for many years
    and maybe a decent salon for my beloved wife .
    stephen robinson.

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