Indian Summer Outfit

Indian Summer Outfit

At the moment, we are experiencing a rather warm Indian Summer, and so a transitional wardrobe becomes very useful. Hence, we I would like to present one of the outfits I wear when I gets unexpectedly warm outside.

Knit Tie In Silk

Knit Silk Tie

Not too long ago, I wore a fresco suit and today’s jacket is part of another fresco suit.  For this combination, I decided to combine the coat with a pair of Ralph Lauren seersucker pants for a more informal outfit. That day, I attended Northern Grade on a Saturday. Since most of people in the US dress rather casually, especially on the weekend, I did not want to wear something as formal as a chalk stripe suit. The jacket’s green is very special and multidimensional, similar to a lovat green but lighter. Not many people actually wear green suits or coats, but especially during fall, I find green to be a great color that harmonizes well with the changing colors.

For this outfit, I chose lighter fabrics since it was 86°F / 30°C and I was out and about all day. Of course, it was not as comfortable as wearing a polo shirt and shorts, but it was nevertheless pleasant enough to keep on my coat at all times.

The shoes harmonized well with the yellow tones of the tie, and the navy pocket square looked great surrounded by green and combined with a navy knit tie.

Indian Summer Outfit in Full

Indian Summer Outfit

Suit: Fresco wool in green – by A. Caraceni

Shirt: Plain white End-on-End summer quality – by Siniscalchi

Tie: Navy, maroon, golden yellow silk knit tie, rather wide, vintage Hugo Boss

Belt: Cognac calf leather – Montblanc

Pocket Square: Navy blue silk with silver-grey hand rolled edges – made in Italy

Shoes: Cognac calf leather Monks – Herring Shoes

Socks: Over the calf, baby blue cotton – by Bresciani

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