Jean-Luc Rambure - Bespoke Tailor Paris

Jean-Luc Rambure Bespoke Tailor Paris

Here at the Gentleman’s Gazette, we strive to provide you with insights into high-quality craftsmanship from around the world. After we visited bespoke tailor Amann in Berlin and shoemaker Antonio Pio Mele in Milan, our contributor Tim Mureau made me aware of bespoke tailor Jean-Luc Rambure in Paris.Today, I want to quickly introduce you to the man himself, his work and a must-see video about Rambure’s tailoring process.

Jean-Luc Rambure

Keyhole buttonholes

Keyhole buttonholes

Even as a little boy, Jean-Luc had an affinity to fabric. At just 5 years old, he accompanied his mother to the fabric store. Growing up around the accoutrements of sewing, he became interested in clothes early on. His grandmother’s sewing machine served Rambure for the production of his first clothes; he quickly outgrew his hand-me-down machine and bought his own just a few years later.

Jean-Luc Rambure at work

Jean-Luc Rambure at work

Through trial and error, he learned a lot about patterns, needlework and tailoring. Since he also had a passion for vintage clothing, Rambure learned how to alter garments and studied how old masters tailored their garments. Once he turned 20, he decided to move to Paris, aspiring to become a designer and hopefully a men’s tailor one day. Just four years later, he changed his mind and pursued a career in interior design, which led him to move to the US. There, he realized that tailoring was his greatest passion after all, and after just a year abroad, he returned to Paris  to learn the tailoring craft with Parisian bespoke tailors. In 2002, he succeeded in becoming a partner in a bespoke tailoring establishment. After 4 years of hard work, Rambure opened his very own tailoring shop, and he now resides at  257 Rue St. Honoré, Paris.

Although I have yet to visit his store, Rambure’s video really makes me want to find an excuse to go to Paris. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Rambure Video

Jean-Luc Rambure, Bespoke Tailor
257 rue St Honoré 75006 Paris
Tel :
Hours:  Tueday – Saturday 10 AM – 8 PM and by appointment
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